Bernie Janz  Owner and Home Designer

Bernie Janz
Owner and Home Designer

California Homes has been in the business of custom home building for nearly forty years with a combined 80 plus years of building experience. Bernie focuses on meticulously designing custom homes that are tailored to each client. He believes that a home should be a personal experience and a signature of those who live in it.

Kurt (Bernie's late father) worked in the building industry in Calgary since the mid-1950’s proving an incredible longevity in Calgary’s up and down market.

Many of the clients that come to Bernie have been visiting his show homes for many years. Admiring his innovative and fresh designs, his vision and passion for his homes, it is clear that Bernie brings CREATIVITY to California Homes.

With an approachable nature, a fresh outlook on life and an obsessive attention to detail, it is no wonder that Bernie is one of the top designers in his field. What stands out to the California Homes’ customer is the fact that Bernie treats every project as an individual, site-specific design.

Often his designs form in his mind for weeks and are hand-drawn with the client in mind. His goal is to present a plan that is perfectly suited to the client’s lifestyle, needs, dreams and desires.

After working with Bernie, it is not surprising to hear words like passion, energy, ingenuity, fine taste, practical, honest and bold, thinking outside of the box! Bernie is not only concerned with detail in his blueprints, but he carefully selects a group of contractors and craftsmen that share his vision and passion for his homes.

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Connecting your lifestyle, needs, and desires with design.

California Homes has a very distinct purpose, passion, vision and set of goals. As a custom home builder, we want to build the house of your dreams that is as unique as you. We aim to build a home that connects your lifestyle, your needs, your desires, and design exclusively around them. It is the core of California Custom Homes success.